Kyung Hyun Kim (Kay), moved to Canada from Korea in 2003 to study. He has a strong history of innovative work from the creation of high-level concept work, through design to project management. As a Lead Designer, he recently led the concept and execution of WNDR Museum in Chicago. His works related to future food innovations, technology, experience, museum and events. His various projects ranged from products like edible smoke, art gallery instillations, sensory ice sculpture, rain bar, changing taste pallet event, edible flower wall, multisensory dinning, and art meets science museum. He has been working right after his studies at OCADU with a degree in Industrial Design. He has knowledge in skilled design thinking, design execution, design process/management and performing visuals with multiple computer tools in 2D and 3D. During his studies till present, he has been keeping up with new design trends by competing in design competitions from local and overseas. Kay is a keen observer of trends in design, technology and art and the recipient of numerous international design awards. He has been successful and awarded at OCADU, Interior Design Show, HDExpo, Designlines, First Capital Realty, International Wood Magazine, NXT City, CondomTO, Bixi Bike, and recently for Brain Project. Currently he is one of the oneandoneandone founders. Kay's input resonates throughout all of the studio's work.

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Kyung Hyun (Kay) Kim

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