Toronto, The Cloud
Light Instillation


Enlight your space with brightness though the dark times

Kyung Hyun (Kay) Kim and Reila Park
The Cloud


In 2020, the pandemic has changed our world. We physically distance each other from our community, friends, and family to keep each other safe. We see the changes in us from what used to be normal. We have all lost a part of ourselves whether it is physically, emotionally, or financially. During the dark times we need to stay strong and fight though till we see the light. The Cloud is about reminding us to fight through the hard times and brightening our lives. Illuminate our space with vibrant colours to change the mood and enlighten the surrounding. Let’s stay strong for our next future and remember 2020 with a moment of lull.

Remember this year

Remember our people

Remember for our next future

Multiple effects are available with LED remote.

About the Artists

Kyung Hyun (Kay) Kim, moved to Canada from Korea in 2003. He has a strong history of innovative work from the creation of high-level concept work, through design to project management. Since completing his studies with a degree in Industrial Design, Kay has gained experience in a variety of roles, most recently as the Lead Designer, where he led the concept and execution on a variety of projects. He is skilled in sharp design thinking, visual delivery software and project implementation. Kay is a keen observer of trends in design, technology and art and the recipient of numerous international design awards. As one of the oneandoneandone founders, Kay's input resonates throughout all of the studio's work. 

Reila Park is a Korean-Canadian architectural designer who uses technology as a main tool for her designs, taking pride in bringing ideas to reality. She has a BDes in Environmental Design and currently works at FORREC, an entertainment design firm that is working around the world to create theme parks, water parks and entertainment destinations for international clients like Universal Studios, Chimelong Groups and Dubai Parks & Resort. Reila specializes in planning, 3D modelling, visualization, immersive design and VR in a themed environment.

Art instillation available for a limited period of time at Yorkdale Shopping Centre (3401 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6A 2T9)

Donations towards Baycrest ( for artists contrubution for the art work

The Cloud is available for purchase or can order for custom design
Price: 12500 CAD (50% will go towards helping people/business during the pandemic)
Can be purchased by contact at
Orders can be made for custom design with delivery and instillation within Ontario.

Date most recently updated:
Aug 2020