San Francisco, curated dinning journey
Future Food Studio


A Valentine’s day experience for invited guests to explore a multi-sensorial dining journey that merges art, technology,and food interaction for a one of a kind evening of romance.

A surreal seated dining experience built on the platform of neurogastronomy where inspiration from the Valley ofthe Moon drives the dining narrative.

Future Food Studio
Design Lead:
Project Manager/Production Designer

Pictures of the event night.


COCKTAIL RECEPTION Guests arrive at the portal door with an outdoor indoorcocktail reception prepared for them. (option) Proseccococktails topped with flavoured edible clouds and/or cymaticmixed cocktails. A portal lighting installation stretches throughthe long hall entrance. The space is scented with White Sage and California Bay. At the denoted time, the entire space begins to transform topink signifying Ojai's pink moment and guests are greetedwith a traditional Chumash chant. The transformed portaltransforms the lighting carried by guests, doors are opened and they enter the main dining space.

DINING EXPERIENCEThe dining experience transports guest through the variedgeographies of the Ojai Valley. A fully immersive visual and audioinstallation surrounds the room as guests are guided through the trail, pond, pasture, vines, and stars of the Ojai Valley. During each transition a narrative of the Ojai Valley is shared

The Nature Trail + PondUpon entering the dining room guests are guided to seats along threelong tables within the twilight (after the pink moment). A mist surround the floor and the table tops are set with the first course.Mushroom puree, mushroom soil, potato stones, salsify logs, fried kale, broccoli moss, crystal lettuce, Allium soup, a play on french onion soup, clarified broth. Roast onion andgarlic broth, cippolinni onions, leek ash, onion puffs, green onion tops, julienne, heritage grain bread, onion petals

DINING EXPERIENCE - PastureTable tops are cleared and replaced with preset pasture surfaces.Aromatic boxes are set in front of each guest containing heatin rocks with herbs and the next course. Braised short rib, celery root puree, mustard greens, heirloomcarrots, parsnips, thyme and rosemary aromatics.

DINING EXPERIENCE - VinesTable tops are removed. The ceiling light fixtures then descendtoward the tables resembling vines from the Ojai vineyards.Varietals of grapes are hung from the vines with other fruit whileeach pair of guests is served a cheese board. All cheeses are selected from local Ojai producers.

DINING EXPERIENCE - StarsHosts appear and part the vines into a canopy overhanging theguests. Miniature campfires are set up for the course. Guests areserved this course with a pair of heart polarizing glasses as the surrounding visuals twinkle with stars Raspberry cobbler with chocolate sauce, candied cocoa nibs, nitrofreeze dried ice cream (table side), spiced marshmallow for roasting table side

FINAL PINK MOMENTReturning to the pink moment guests are washed in a sea of pinkduring the closing narrative. Hosts invite guests to the next room for the after party.

Design Process and Concepts

Nature Trail concept focuses on natural environments like mountains, hills, and valleys as plating for the first course meal. 

Drop-In Cheese Platter is a concept that drops from the ceiling to the table. Cheese platter meal will be placed on the surface while hidden when it is above the guests.    

Different patterns of laser cut pieces for plating.   

Date most recently updated:
December 2019